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Mock Tests

Important Questions of Economics Class 12

The mock test has been designed in such a manner that it covers all important questions of economics class 12. It will critically assess the concept applicability skills of students.

Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes

 Edusiast has come up as an initiative, by designing chapter wise macroeconomics notes of class 12. The macroeconomics notes are prepared chapter-wise, covering all the topics in detail of a chapter. The macroeconomics class 12 study material have been prepared in a very lucid, and easy to understand language. An in-depth study of class 12 macroeconomics notes will help the students to develop their concept clarity regarding all topics of class 12 macroeconomics.

Worksheet for Economics Class 12

Worksheets for economics class 12 provided by Edusiast will serve as a complete package for students covering all important questions of class 12 CBSE board examinations.

By practicing our worksheets, students will get a wide exposure to important  questions of economics class 12 away from the routine books.